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Celebrating Weight-Loss Victories


Today is a significant milestone in my post-baby weight-loss.  I am celebrating thirty pounds lost since my first weigh-in on January 2nd of this year. It has been around 3.5 months (109 days to be exact) of dedication to weight-loss and I have to say, I am happy with the results! I am down to a healthy Body Mass Index (22) and feel great. I have just 7 pounds to lose to reach my goal.  The goal I set is a comfortable weight for me and one that I can/have maintained (in a non-pregnant or breast-feeding state) 😛 for most of my adult life. I am SO happy to be back and thankful for everyone that has supported me during the past few months! Happy Healthy Spring Y’all!



Personal 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge


Today is day 30 of my personal weight loss journey. I wasn’t planning to share a blog post on this until I reached half-way to my final goal, but I decided the relative humiliation of posting these photos is worth the inspiration that they may provide to others. This inspiration came from a friend of mine Anna B. who recently shared her weight-loss journey with her entire list of Facebook friends (complete with her starting weight). Thank you Anna for putting yourself ‘out-there’ and inspiring me to do the same. I hope that if there is anyone out there that needs inspiration they will find some here!

I started out 30 days ago, feeling like my ‘baby-weight’ had been hanging around for long enough. My baby was 5 months old and I was still wearing some of my maternity jeans (*blush*). I know I’m not the only one who struggles with losing weight gained during (and yes, even after) pregnancy. I am thankful to my friends who understand and provide support even while they tackle their own weight battles.

My weight-loss goals are not just about fitting into my skinny jeans. More importantly they are about my health. Unfortunately I am predisposed to developing Type II Diabetes (having endured Gestational Diabetes X3).  I have a healthy fear of Diabetes that can only be instilled by growing up with a sibling with T1D.

So, 30 days ago, in my own quest to lower my risk of T2D, and fit into those dusty jeans again, I took the first post-pregnancy steps toward weight-loss. 🙂 As a busy mom, I chose Nutrisystem as my partner in this challenge. You can see why I am happy with this choice in my photo below!


If you have any questions or need support in your own weight-loss challenge, feel free to contact me!  Together We Are Stronger!