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Corn Bread Waffles & Chili, a fun & easy dinner.


I’ve been making simple dinners for my family lately because of my dieting. I haven’t wanted to put in hours at the stove for dinners that I will not be sharing with them. Selfish? Maybe, but they seem to be enjoying what I’ve been whipping up for them (so it’s win-win). I made the latest test-recipe today with my 7 year old and it was quick, easy & relatively healthy.

Box of Corn Bread Mix
3/4 C milk
2 T oil
2 cans of chili (I used 1 turkey & 1 vegetarian)
Optional garnish/condiments: anything you would normally enjoy with a Mexican meal such as cilantro, sour cream & cheese.

Directions: mix first 4 ingredients & set aside. Pre-Heat waffle-maker. Heat canned chili as directed. Pour a ladle-full of corn bread mix into waffle maker and cook as you would a regular waffle. Place waffle on plate and add a ladle-full of chili. Garnish & Enjoy!


The goal for this recipe was for a quick & easy meal, but this would also be amazing with homemade chili if you had the time!