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Easy Apple Chips – quick blog


This week we got our box of fruits & vegetables from Klesick Family Farm and it included some lovely organic apples. I already had a bag on hand from my Safeway delivery the week before (and they were starting to look a smidge tired, so I thought I would try something new). I saw a recipe on Pinterest for Apple Chips and gave them a whirl.  Here is what you need:

3-4 apples (washed/cored)


Easy huh!? Just slice the apples about the thickness that you get from pinching two fingers together (the distance between the tips of your nails, scientific huh?). Spread them on the baking sheet (the recipe says to use parchment paper, but I didn’t have any and it was fine- i just removed them with a spatula fresh from the oven with no trouble) and sprinkle with Cinnamon. Bake at 275 *F for two hours…. and Voila! They smell delicious while baking and are a very healthy snack. I tried one warm and it tastes a  lot like apple pie. MMMMMM~!Image

They would probably look a little prettier if I owned an apple corer. But I just used a regular knife to cut out the core and push it through and it worked just fine. Enjoy!