Baby Turns 1 Tomorrow & Our Sea Life Cake!


I can’t quite believe that my baby turns one tomorrow! I decided to take the opportunity while he was napping today to make his cake with my 5 year old. It turned out really nice! I thought I’d share it here. (click on photos to view larger)

princess cutting sea grass from fruit by the foot

We started out by baking a white cake in two 9″ rounds and stacking them with a couple dollops of frosting in between for stability. Next we frosted the whole cake.

"Blank Canvas"

Making "sand"

My daughter enjoyed making the ‘sand’ by mashing animal crackers!

Fun sprinkling edible sand

Then we sprinkled the ‘sand’ on around the base of the cake – after sticking on the ‘sea grass’.

It's all done!

Last, we washed/dried a package of plastic sea creatures that we bought at the store – and arranged them on the cake.

I wrote “1 Cooper” on the top (not my best skills but it’s legible)! šŸ˜›

Proud Big Sister!

We had a lot of fun making our baby’s first birthday cake! Two of my favorite hobbies, baking & art!
Have a creative week~


About hobbymamma

I'm a mother of the marvelous Olivia (age 7), the adorable Cooper (almost 3) and Wyatt (6 months). As a busy SAHM (& wife to Tyson aka 'Sarge'), I find myself with irons in many fires. Some of my time is also devoted to voluntary services for various non-profit organizations. The idea for this blog came from something I find myself thinking or saying rather often lately: I have so many interests & hobbies that I don't consider myself 'expert' at any of them. It can be frusterating on occasion, but mostly I find it refreshing and rewarding to enjoy such variety. On this blog I share bits and hints about some of the hobbies I currently enjoy. When considering some of my favorite hobbies - i've discovered that a theme that threads through many of them is green. Not necessarily the color (that too) but 'green practices'. I often find myself thinking, how can I make this more environmentally friendly. What ingredients or products are better for my family and the beautiful planet where we live. I hope you will enjoy reading about some of my hobbies and be inspired to try something new!

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  1. That turned out awesome! I always always say I want to make cakes and I buy the stuff or get it for presents cause I say I want it and never end up doing anything! Booo! Such a cute cake and Happy Birthday to you babe!

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