THE world’s best crockpot chicken!


I was planning to post this tonight but when the babes takes a nap, it’s always smart to make the most of it! So here goes. This is my famous crock pot whole chicken recipe.  Here’s a picture as we’re ready to start:

Here's what you'll need!

Start with a whole chicken (may I suggest organic or free-range?)

Mix the following spices together in a small bowl:

4t salt

2t paprika

1t cayenne pepper

1t onion powder

1t thyme

1t white pepper

1/2t garlic powder

1/2t black pepper

(if you don’t keep white pepper on hand, just leave it out or add a little extra black pepper). Mix and set aside.

Now it’s time to open the chicken (i like to use a small sharp knife to open the bag and use the same for ‘cleaning’ the chicken). Remove as much skin and fat (and whatever ‘goodies’ are hanging out inside the chicken).  This is the ‘little bit gross’ part, that can be a little reminiscent of 8th grade Biology Class.  But trust me, it will be worth it! A little tip: set an empty plastic shopping bag open on the counter so you can easily drop the trimmings into said bag… then when you’re done with the cleaning just tie it up and into the garbage it goes – all sealed up nicely.  Once your chicken is skinless and relatively trimmed of fat, get your bowl of spices and give her a good rub (all sides).  Here’s what you’ll have:

I like to stick a couple of dried Bay Leafs inside my chicken

Then, if you are feeling particularly gourmet you can stuff it with some diced onions and or a bay leaf or two (optional).  Then, pop it into the crock pot (breast side down is best), but however you can squeeze it in.  Note, this works best in a medium (not too small or large pot). You want to fill the crock pot but you also want the lid to close!

ready to go

Now throw on the lid, set the temperature to high and go take a nap for a few hours! Okay, just kidding on the nap, but you could! Well, if you had a nanny and a housekeeper. (sigh)

All set for 4-5 hours

Double check that you’re plugged in and turned on, and soon your kitchen will be wafting with the delicious aroma only a slow cooking chicken can create. MMMMMMMMM! Your family will thank you!

Note: if you’re ready to eat/serve 4 hours later, check the chicken for an internal temp of 165*F.  Once you reach that you are free to serve!  This chicken goes great with mashed potatoes (out of a box is fine – the chicken will be the show-stopper anyway!) and some steamed veggies.

A few tips: I like to serve up plates right from the crock pot at dinner time.  The chicken will be ‘falling off the bone’ so it works best to use kitchen tongs for dishing.  Now if there was just a way to bottle the fabulous aroma to share with y’all. Well, you’ll just have to try it yourself! Enjoy!

NEW! Here’s a picture I took when it was all ready (this was at 4 hours):

mmmm.... catch a look at that aromatic steam... 'twas delish!


About hobbymamma

I'm a mother of the marvelous Olivia (age 7), the adorable Cooper (almost 3) and Wyatt (6 months). As a busy SAHM (& wife to Tyson aka 'Sarge'), I find myself with irons in many fires. Some of my time is also devoted to voluntary services for various non-profit organizations. The idea for this blog came from something I find myself thinking or saying rather often lately: I have so many interests & hobbies that I don't consider myself 'expert' at any of them. It can be frusterating on occasion, but mostly I find it refreshing and rewarding to enjoy such variety. On this blog I share bits and hints about some of the hobbies I currently enjoy. When considering some of my favorite hobbies - i've discovered that a theme that threads through many of them is green. Not necessarily the color (that too) but 'green practices'. I often find myself thinking, how can I make this more environmentally friendly. What ingredients or products are better for my family and the beautiful planet where we live. I hope you will enjoy reading about some of my hobbies and be inspired to try something new!

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  1. AHHHHHHHH! I LOVE this post! I can follow your step by step instructions as you hold my hand all the way through! I am going to make this SOON! AMAZING! Please post more easy, delicious and homemade recipes often!!! Your sis ~ Sonja

    • Hi, Do you mean in the refrigerator? 7 days is the standard for keeping cooked chicken in the refrigerator (at about 41 degrees or below). Thanks for your message, I apologize for the delay!

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