Sometimes when you least expect it, everything works out perfectly.


I want to share an update on my earlier seed starting post:

I planted some seeds (lettuce and peas) and they have been germinating now for 11 days.  I planted them and soon realized that I missed a somewhat important step which is mixing the soil with water to get it from dry to an evenly damp consistency (having previously mostly started seeds outdoors).  I soon realized that my soil was a little on the dry side and ended up basically pouring water into the seed boxes and let the soil soak it up. Soon after that things really started taking off.  Then i hit another bump in the road when i realized my seedlings were having to stretch for their light/warmth (even though i had them on top of the dryer, the consistent heat comes from the lights which were two regular plant light bulbs – which was not giving even light across the boxes.  So, I took a trip (2 kiddos in-tow to the local Home Depot) where I bought a long ‘shop light’ and some fluorescent long light bulbs for it.  I was feeling a bit helpless on the implementing side of the project (although as usual I had no problem dreaming up exactly how I wanted it). But thanks (very much) to my dear hubz who got it done (tonight) exactly how I envisioned!  Here are a couple of pictures:

Don’t mind the air-conditioning unit clogging the corner- just take a gander at my fabulous new seed light & shelf!


Now my seeds should be much happier!

If you look at the seeds growing in the far box, you will see some peas sprouting, and if you look closer you will see an imposter.  My cute little preschooler came home from school with a sunflower seed planted in a Dixie Cup. Remember the days?!  Well, she had all kind of ideas of what to do with her seed, none of which would have been as successful as putting the Dixie Cup with the other seeds we’re growing. So I explained that she should put it next to the other seeds so we’ll remember to feed/water it and it will get light from the plant lights – and why don’t you go do that now (before I have dirt all over the house).  So, needless to say, the imposter is her sunflower seed. The next time I came down to water the seeds, I spied the Dixie Cup in the garbage can and a dark spot of dirt in one of the boxes. HeHe! My little Amelia Bedelia planted her sunflower right in with the peas.

Here’s her sunflower- happy as a clam!


and some pretty pea sprouts!

One other happy ending today…  Tyson sold his truck the other night (amidst many tears, okay not his, my 5 year old’s), but he was also pretty torn about selling it. We went truck shopping today and were beginning to feel a bit depressed about finding the right truck to replace ‘the big black truck’ as Olivia called it.  And no sooner had he lamented to me that he was wondering if he was actually going to have any luck finding ‘the truck’ in his price-range, we went back to look at one that he had seen before and decided to go for it- not knowing for sure if it was ‘the truck’.  After he drove it home, and we later took it to HD, he told me he is happy, he got exactly what he wanted.  And after taking a ride in a VERY comfortable passenger seat, I definitely agree that it’s the one.  Here’s to many happy new memories to be made – traversing this beautiful country!

Today gave me renewed optimism  – and brings to mind a quote that I recently heard:

“90% of life is showing up” If you want it to happen, be there!





About hobbymamma

I'm a mother of the marvelous Olivia (age 7), the adorable Cooper (almost 3) and Wyatt (6 months). As a busy SAHM (& wife to Tyson aka 'Sarge'), I find myself with irons in many fires. Some of my time is also devoted to voluntary services for various non-profit organizations. The idea for this blog came from something I find myself thinking or saying rather often lately: I have so many interests & hobbies that I don't consider myself 'expert' at any of them. It can be frusterating on occasion, but mostly I find it refreshing and rewarding to enjoy such variety. On this blog I share bits and hints about some of the hobbies I currently enjoy. When considering some of my favorite hobbies - i've discovered that a theme that threads through many of them is green. Not necessarily the color (that too) but 'green practices'. I often find myself thinking, how can I make this more environmentally friendly. What ingredients or products are better for my family and the beautiful planet where we live. I hope you will enjoy reading about some of my hobbies and be inspired to try something new!

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